How Sugar in the Diet causes wrinkles and speeds Aging

on Friday, April 12, 2013

Over-consumption of sugar in the diet can have some very terrible effects on the body, the major problem that we have with the sweetener today is due to the over consumption. What many people may not know is that the amount of the sweetener they consume has a direct effect on how they look and how fast that their cells age. Sugar in the diet can cause you to simply look older and age faster.

How the body processes sugars

When you eat something that has glucose in it there is an amazing cellular reaction, your cells have small sensors that detect the sugars and this is a good thing, the sugars are then processed and gives you healthy energy. The problem occurs when the sensors are constantly detecting sugars, it causes a speed up of the cellular aging process, this creates aged wrinkled skin and literally ages the body faster. We can see than excessive sugar in the diet has your cell sensors working on overtime, this was proven in Canada

Professors Pascal Chartrand and Gerardo Ferbeyre at Université de Montréal Biochemistry

The research team found that the lifespan of cells increased when glucose was decreased from their meals, the lifespan increased was due to a decrease in signaling to the cells by the glucose sensor. The more sugar consumed the more the sensors fired this process worn out(aged) the cells. The study revealed that sugar in the diet can speed up the aging of the cells.

"Thanks to this study, the link between the rise in age-related diseases and the over-consumption of sugar in today's diet is clearer. says Professor Rokeach.

The skin and body of a sugar addicted person is literally aging faster.

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