How sugar causes wrinkles and ages the body

on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
A new study has shown that Sugar has a powerful effect on our cells and can cause the formation of skin wrinkling and aging. The use of the sweetener in moderation is fine but the typical amounts included in the standard American diet is above what is would be considered healthy, researchers recently discovered that sugar can be as dangerous to the skin as the Sun. Wrinkling,aging cells and general body deterioration are all related to the amount of sugars we consume.

How do sugars age the body

Doctors at The American Academy of Dermatology revealed the process of how sugars interact with the cells of the skin, it was clear that sugars can have a damaging effect on the skin; sugars have the ability to age the body from the inside out. Most of us are familiar with collagen, in the simplest terms collagen is what holds your skin elasticity, if you have little collagen damage you look younger; the sun, smoking and sugar causes damage to the skin collagen. Sugar love to attach to your collagen from when sugars enter your bloodstream.

This was explained by Dr Farris of The American Academy of Dermatology

"One of the molecules (sugar) loves to attach to is collagen and also elastin. So these molecules, which of course keep your skin plump, keep your skin firm and wrinkle free, actually become damaged during the glycation process," Dr. Farris said

Sugar addiction is real, sugars are very addictive substance that can take over your diet, switching to artificial sweeteners are not a good option; artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It may surprise people to know that artificial sweeteners Splenda(sucralose),Equal( Aspartame) and Sweet and Low( saccharin) are all chemical creations and can damage the organs of the body. The bottom line is that you must address your diet and your possible addiction to sugars, there is only one diet in the world that has been proven to stop sugar addition. The diet reversed the drug like effect of sweeteners so you can ingest sugar safely. This was proven in over 10 countries 


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