Can’t control appetite and sugar? What to do about it

on Sunday, October 19, 2014


If you cannot control your appetite and sugar consumption it can be a problem which leads to obesity, weight gain and diabetes. The amount of sugars which are consumed by the average person today was virtually unheard of just a few decades ago. It may come as a surprise to most people but the fact that people are not controlling their appetites and sugar consumption is largely due to the food manufacturers.



How we become addicted


The food manufacturers have a vested interest in creating food addictions, the amounts of sugars that are used in manufactured foods can literally cause an addiction to the substance; this also results in repeat customer purchases.  All addictions to sweeteners originate in the brain.


Nicole Avena, Neuroscientist and research psychologist at Columbia University demonstrated how sugar creates alterations in the brain which are very similar to what happens when a person develops an addiction to drugs.


In lab experiments with animal subjects she showed how overeating tasty foods (like sugar) can produce changes in the brain and behavior that resemble addiction. The brain will literally crave the sweet substance.  There are millions of people today who have a soda addiction; the cause of this is due to the amount of sugars that are included in the beverage; to make matters worst the canned sodas all include high fructose corn syrups. Numerous of studies have linked high fructose corn syrups to cancer.


 If you can’t control appetite or your sugar consumption you should be aware that excessive sugars are linked to rapid aging of the cells.  Sugar abuse is not only a problem from overweight people; thin people who consume a lot of sugars have the same health risks as those who are overweight.


The root cause of all food addictions reside in the emotions, the same chemicals which create addictions in the brain are the same chemicals which are linked to emotions.


Researchers have shown that will power does not work to stop a sugar addiction; the only solution was a very specific diet that actually included sugar. This was how the addiction was broken in thousands of people.



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