Sugar in the diet can be a poison

on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sugar in the diet can be a poison if you are one of the many who have an addiction to this sweet substance, this sweetener can be a wonderful addition to your meals but in excess it can be a deadly poison to the cells of the body. The cravings for the sweetener can start in the womb and the effects on the health can be detrimental. Sugar in the diet can be a poison if portions are not controlled, the effects on the body can be damaging

Why is the Sweetener so harmful?

It must be stated that this sweetener can be good in moderation, the problems occur when people develop an addiction to it, this is where so many lose the body. How did we become sugar addicted? The history of sugar is a beautiful one until we reach the middle 1970's, this is when the food industry started added the sweetener to many food products that never used much if any sugar before.

Today it is standard to include sugar in bread,pancakes,bagels,muffins,crackers, etc..If you can name it they have added sugar to it. The results of all this sugar is a generation of people who need more than normal amounts in their food and drink. Sugar in the diet was introduced slowly and then the amounts were increased as more people became dependent on excess. Today we are seeing children as young as 5 who are already abusing sugar according to the Center for Disease control (CDC)


Sugar addiction is real, it is a scientific fact, brain scans are showing doctors and researchers for the first time how the sweetener behaves in the body, the results are really shocking. This simple sweetener has become abused and is effecting the health in a horrible way. The addiction is strong, sugar in the diet when abused can be stronger than the drug cocaine.

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