How to stop eating, the answer

on Thursday, August 29, 2013
Many who cannot control their appetites would like to know how to stop eating; it is clear from science that there is a healthy way to control food portions, it is essential to learn why we overeat and how to control this. There are over 50 million people in the United States who admit to a food addiction or the inability to control how much they eat, how to stop eating or overeating is best understood when we explorer the science behind appetite.

Appetite is controlled by many hormones which react in the brain; those who have a hard time controlling the amounts of food that they eat have hormones which may be over firing. Dr. Monteleone, MD, of the University of Naples SUN in Italy revealed that he physiological process underlying overeating involves hormones and the brain.

 “The physiological process underlying hedonic(pleasure) eating is not fully understood, but it is likely that endogenous substances regulating reward mechanisms like the hormone ghrelin and chemical compounds such as 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) are involved.”

It is clear that hormones are responsible for how much we eat, in addition to ghrelin; the hormone insulin has been shown to play a major role in how much food we eat and how hungry we get.  How to stop eating should best be understood as a complex working of hormones in the brain, but research shows that this can be controlled when the brain triggers are deactivated. 

Willpower does not eliminate overeating; there exist a delicate balance which involves emotions, stresses and other brain triggers that create the 'high” and urge people to eat more even when they know they should not. Emotional triggers activate brain hormones creating the 'urge” to eat, but this can be deactivated when the brain triggers are naturally addressed. 

A diet created for people have a hard time controlling the appetite worked to deactivate emotional triggers which tell people to eat more.  People in over 10 countries learned to reverse overeating by deactivating the brain triggers which cause the urge to eat; few diets can deactivate the brain hormones which causes overeating but one has been working in over 10 countries


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