Can't Stop eating Sugar? See Why

on Tuesday, December 17, 2013
The reason why you can't stop eating sugar is very scientific, it is wonderful when we learn the science behind food addictions and what you can do about it. Sugars are very potent substances and they can do very serious damage to the body, there are literally millions of people who are addicted to the taste of sweetness; this addiction is linked to many different inflammatory illnesses. Obesity, diabetes and accelerated aging are all directly linked to excessive sugars. There is a scientific reason why you can't stop eating sugar, according to researchers the substance afters brain chemicals and cause addiction.

How the brain creates the addiction to sugars

A study that was released this week showed the powerful affect that sugars have on the brain and how addictions are created. Although fat is a very addictive substance that can cause much health woes, a new study reveals sugars are worst. The study by the National Institutes of Health and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed to stunned researchers that sugars were so powerful a stimulus that they overshadowed fat, even when the two were combined in large amounts. The study highlighted the fact that both sugars and fats are highly addictive substances and effect brain chemicals.

Researchers continued

We do a lot of work on the prevention of obesity, and what is really clear not only from this study but from the broader literature over all is that the more sugar you eat, the more you want to consume it,” said Dr. Stice, a senior research scientist at the Oregon Research Institute. “As far as the ability to engage brain reward regions and drive compulsive intake, sugar seems to be doing a much better job than fat.”

The reason you cannot stop eating sugar it activates the “reward center” of the brain, this is the same region that is affected by drugs and alcohol.

Sugars can have a “drug like” effect which can contribute to obesity, diabetes and rapid aging.

How to stop the cycle

Only a diet created for sugar addiction has been shown to stop the brain urges for more of this very toxic substance. Will power does not stop the constant brain cravings, only a diet created for sugar addiction did work.

Willpower does not address the underlying causes of why you can't stop eating sugar, will power will fail. As we have seen in the University study this is a very serious addiction. It was shown in over 10 countries that only a diet created for sugar addiction worked to stop the addiction.


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