I have a Diet Coke Addiction: Linked to Brain Damage

on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
If you have a diet coke addiction it is very important that you understand that researchers have found a direct connection between artificially sweetened soda and brain damage. With obesity and diabetes growing at an incredible rate many people have switched to sugar free drinks as a way to cut calories but this may be a horrible decision. A diet coke addiction may be leading you on the road to brain damage, this is a very serious warning for those who drink sugar free beverages.

Artificially sweetened drink and the brain

It must be stated plainly that all artificial sugars are a chemical creation, there is absolutely nothing natural in a diet drink. The artificial sweetener in all sugar free drinks is a chemical called aspartame, this chemical is many times sweeter than natural cane sugar, it is a very strong chemical that has been linked to various cancers and other diseases. What may be most astonishing is the fact that recent studies show that aspartame has a very dangerous effect on the brain, diet coke addiction may cause you serious complications.

Researchers at University of Pretoria and the University of Limpopo and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed the very dangerous effects of artificial sweeteners. The review of prior research found that aspartame, marketed as NutraSweet or Equal, leads to both direct and indirect changes in the brain.

"We propose that excessive aspartame ingestion might be involved in the pathogenesis of certain mental disorders, and also in compromised learning and emotional functioning," the researchers concluded.

How a diet soda effects the brain is quite scary, the chemical in the diet drink changes your brain cells

The researchers noted that aspartame caused excessive firing of nerve cells, brain cell damage and even death to brain nerve cells. The information gets worst, the effect on the brain was immediate and powerful.

"The energy systems for certain required enzyme reactions become compromised, thus indirectly leading to the inability of enzymes to function optimally," the researchers wrote.

If you have a diet coke addiction the effects on your brain may been setting you up for long term health problems, only one diet has been shown in over 10 countries to stop a diet soda addiction. Will power will not stop this addiction, you will find yourself reaching for the soda again. Aspartame is a strong drug habit to break but thousands of people stopped all food,sugar and a diet coke addiction with a diet created for food addictions now used in over 10 countries. 


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