Why you can't stop eating sugar?

on Thursday, June 20, 2013
Why you can't stop eating sugar is rooted in the brain, the sweetener is scientifically proven to be addictive, those who cannot stop eating this sweets are not alone, there are literally millions of people with a sugar addiction. A Princeton University study reveals that the sweetener can be extremely addictive and also increase fat on the stomach. There are over 100 million in the United States who are overweight, diets for the most part are failing, it is time to look at what really causes weight gain and how to reverse this, learning “why” you can't stop eating sugar will help you understand the addiction.

Georgina Coade, a PhD student at the University of Bristol in the U.K.
"Our results suggest that high levels of fructose, which may result from eating a diet high in fructose, throughout childhood may lead to an increase in visceral [abdominal] obesity, which is associated with increased cardiometabolic risk," Coade said.
The Study above reveals that it is the stomach where the fat is stored after ingesting sugars, the cells of the body are literally changed when you ingest excess sugars. We have become largely a society in the addicted to sugars, we are using amounts that are not moderate; we have an increasing desire for an intense amount of sweetness in our food. We have developed an unhealthy need for tense sweetness, the problem with sugars is that they can become highly addictive.

Researchers at Princeton University studies the brain changes in animals that were feed sugars and then suddenly had their sugars removed; the results confirmed the brain addiction.
Researchers feed animals a sugar heavy diet for a period of time and then the animals had their sugar cut off by researchers; they did not handle this well. The mice needed some other drug like substance to replace the sugars; the mice binged on alcohol to make up for the denial of the sugars.

These results indicate that the sugars had created an addiction in the brain.

Princeton University lead by Professor Bart Hoebel concluded.

"We have the first set of comprehensive studies showing the strong suggestion of sugar addiction in rats and a mechanism that might underlie it," Hoebel said. The findings eventually could have implications for the treatment of humans with eating disorders, he said.

"If bingeing on sugar is really a form of addiction, there should be long-lasting effects in the brains of sugar addicts," Hoebel said. "Craving and relapse are critical components of addiction, and we have been able to demonstrate these behaviors in sugar-bingeing rats in a number of ways."

How to break the sugar cycle

A regular diet or will power does not stop a sugar addiction, the effects on the brain from the sweetener is too strong for will power.

How many of us have try to just stop eating sugars and we simply fail? The reason for the failure is because the brain will demand the sugar. There is some good news, there is a sugar addiction diet that has been reversing sugar addiction in over 10 countries See here

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