Addicted to Sugar...Help

on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“I am addicted to sugar” it is a common complaint and it is a very serious condition that changes the structure of your brain as well as causes overeating. One of the most astonishing facts about over consumption of the sweetener is that it causes wrinkles and speeds aging. There is a science and biological cause behind all addictions, this included illegal drugs, being addicted to sugar is no joke, it can do some very horrible things to the cells of the body.

Did you know that an addiction to this common table sweetener can make you look old before your time? Wrinkles on the faces and hands are directly related to over consumption of this natural sweetener? The cells of the body are very reactive to what we eat, a natural process that's known as glycation happens when you consume sugar, in your bloodstream the sweetener attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products (or, AGEs for short).

The more of the sweetener in your body the more AGEs you develop. It msst be stated that in moderation the sweetener is safe but being addicted to sugar ages the body from deep within the cell.

"As AGEs accumulate, they damage adjacent proteins in a domino-like fashion," explains Fredric Brandt, MD

The over-consumption of sweets  is not a harmless addiction, it is a very serious condition that effects millions each day, this problem goes way beyond the white power on the table, sugars have been added to almost every food on the market, even canned vegetables contain sweeteners. Are you addicted to sugar?  it must be controlled

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